Watch Specifications


Standard-production parts: Miyota quartz movement, sapphire crystal, leather strap, engraved crown.

We designed everything else. Technically, the leather and suede straps are custom because we had molds made to exactly fit our case.

Place of Manufacture: Shenzhen, China

Many of our competitors make their watches in China, they're just a little less open about it. We flew to Shenzhen in October 2017 and met with multiple watch manufacturers specializing in everything from small, boutique runs to millions of watches per year. It was an eye-opening experience and it was absolutely mesmerizing to see watches in various stages of production. We came away from our Shenzhen trip extremely impressed with the people, the capabilities of the various companies and the city of Shenzhen itself. We have the utmost confidence in our manufacturing partner.

Movement:  Miyota GP01 with 24-hour retrograde complication

This quartz movement was chosen for reliability, build quality and accuracy along with providing the ideal complication to bring the design to reality.  We made the decision to have the movement partially disassembled and a new date wheel insert applied to better emulate the LCD odometer and tripmeter in the E36/E46 gauge cluster.  Other manufacturers don't go through this process because it adds cost but it is an integral part of the design.

Case Sizing: Approximately 43.5mm. Utilizes a 22mm strap.

Case Material: 316L stainless, engraved

The industry standard for quality watches. What's not industry standard is the fact that we designed, tested and had this case made ourselves. We built the CAD model, had it 3D-printed and wore the case to ensure comfort and fitment (lug length and lug angle both have large influences on how a watch wears) before it was sent to our production partners. It is not off-the-shelf and we own the production punch.

Caseback Material: 316L stainless, engraved

Secured with screws to provide 100m water resistance. Built to be a watch you wear, not a watch you're afraid to get wet.

Crystal Material: Sapphire

You're going to have to mistreat our watches to scratch the crystal. That's okay, we designed them to take it. Other manufacturers at our price point use mineral glass because it's less expensive; this was not an option for us.

Dial: Printed

Thirty-Six is printed, just like the E36 tachometer in real life.  Ours has a little texture, which gives it that extra little detail when you're admiring it on your wrist.

Forty-Six is printed with an applied beauty ring to better emulate the E46 tachometer.

Hands: Custom-made

Yeah, they're not off-the-shelf and took a little research and development to be as lightweight as possible while maintaining proper balance to ensure movement accuracy but they're pretty darn awesome.

Straps: Molded genuine leather, molded black or gray suede, motorsport NATO

The molded straps all required a mold built from our case, after which a leather or suede/leather shell is formed around the now exactly-fit rigid center.  All straps that come with our watches are quick-release- a flick of a pin and you've got a new look! 

All watches will come with a motorsport NATO in addition to a leather or suede strap; for those not familiar with the NATO strap style, it provides a method by which the watch will not fall from the wrist upon failure of a single spring bar.  It also looks great and, due to its nylon construction, is ideal for wet weather and warm weather alike.

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Our COVID-19 Response

Dialed has suspended operations during the pandemic. We'll resume when it's safe and prudent to do so, but in the meantime we encourage you to support other small businesses that may be struggling right now.

-Matt and Steve at Dialed Watch Co.

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