About Dialed Watch Company

The Company Idea

Dialed Watch Company arose from conversation about the state of the microbrand/fashion watch industry early in 2017. We realized we could do better than most watch companies (we're enthusiastic about the watches and there's something to be said about enthusiasm's effect on passion) and immediately began doing the research as to what it takes to start and succeed in the watch business.  We also started setting aside money to take a trip to visit various watch manufacturers in the Shenzhen area.

Conversations began happening with lofty goals but ultimately the niche was settled on: we would produce watches for enthusiasts that met our high standards for fit, finish and most importantly, design- but without breaking the bank. We take watch manufacturing seriously, but have fun while doing so. This isn't rocket science, it's just applied fascination.

More recently, and in response to our customers' demands, we ventured into watch band manufacturing. We want our customers' enthusiasm visible, no matter if they wear a Dialed Forty-Six/Thirty-Six, smartwatch or luxury automatic.

The Founders

Dialed Watch Company is two brothers with an enthusiasm for watches and for proper design. Matt is a mechanical engineer with a passion for style and design; he owns an E46 M3 because the S54 was sent from another plane of existence where all roads are maintained by Germans and engines rev higher than 7500rpm. Steve is a vintage automotive restoration expert with a passion for style, design and the eternal quest for perfecting the ride/handling compromise. He owns an E36 M3 and an e30 325i, both of which have four doors for some reason.

We grew up in Southern California driving BMWs on mountain roads and back roads. Our first cars were Munich-born and we ended up talking both our parents into BMWs.  Neither of us can imagine a life where there isn't a BMW of some kind in the driveway, garage or shop.

That said, BMWs aren't the only cars in our lives (let's just say Steve has worked on "sports cars from Stuttgart" for the past fourteen years) and we have many ideas bouncing around in our heads so stay tuned and please, sign up for our mailing list!

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Our COVID-19 Response

Dialed has suspended operations during the pandemic. We'll resume when it's safe and prudent to do so, but in the meantime we encourage you to support other small businesses that may be struggling right now.

-Matt and Steve at Dialed Watch Co.

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